Bossa Nova Music Productions

Something tasty, something stylish, something unique…it is such a treat when two great philosophies converge in one place! Whole Foods Market and Bossa Nova Music are providing just such an opportunity. Jazz is a perfect pairing with Whole Foods; they are both originally American ideas, existing outside the mainstream and requiring great dedication and commitment to its cause. Bringing the two together is a logical choice. Jazz expands the mind and fills music with possibility; it invites creative people to wander past the obvious and ordinary. Whole Foods asks the same of its team members and their customers demand that of them; it provides the best nature can offer, reflecting the highest quality and a pioneering spirit. Both need nurturing and caring. Together they can inspire adults and children alike. It can not only create a perfect environment, but also help preserve this All-American art form and provide an outlet for musicians to experiment and express themselves. This project was conceived by Yashmin and Paul Abler; the American guitarist from Detroit and the boisterous singer from Brazil. Written by Leo Almeida

Rob Twyman - Regional Vice President to Whole Foods Market

"I believe that food and music comforts the soul, and when the opportunity came to work with Gibson/Baldwin and their roster of talent, I naturally thought the Bowery store as the perfect location for this groundbreaking event."